I have problems with linked courses in Schoology

If you're teaching the same class to multiple sections/periods, you may be using linked classes on Schoology. Be aware that if you're viewing your students in Edpuzzle, they'll all appear in one large class rather than in your separate linked classes (however, your grades will be sorted correctly in Schoology, so don't worry).

  • Another side effect is that you should NOT use the dropdown menu in Schoology to click on your different sections, since all the students will appear in the same class (the first section listed). If you accidentally use the dropdown menu and click on another section, this will create a new class, which you'll need to delete by selecting "Class options" and "Delete class" or by going to Edpuzzle and deleting the section with no assignments.

    Contact lausd@edpuzzle.com and we will help you right away.