I can’t see my students’ names

If it is your first time using Edpuzzle and you do not see your students in your Edpuzzle progress report looks like this:


It is okay. This means your students still need to watch the Edpuzzle lesson. The moment they click "play" on the video we will automatically enroll them and their progress to your Edpuzzle report.

However, if your class progress looks like some of the students' names are missing:

This can happen if there's a configuration error with the integration between Edpuzzle and Schoology

  • Check that the "Privacy" setting in the integration is set to "Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool". Additionally, please make sure you're assigning the assignments correctly.
  • Due to an issue in Schoology, please make sure that the "Consumer Key" and "Shared secret" fields are empty before you press the “Edit” buttonIf you've already created assignments, please make sure that you empty those fields in your next Edpuzzle assignment BEFORE students access the assignment through the link. Students must access the new edited assignment for the names to be exported to Edpuzzle.

For visual support check this video starting at second 1:25

Contact lausd@edpuzzle.com if you need help