• How Students Can Use Edpuzzle Through Schoology

    Your students will be able to log in to their Schoology accounts and complete your Edpuzzle video lessons right from there! Here are some things to keep in mind depending on the device they're using:

    • For desktop: Students simply need to log in to Schoology and click on the assignment(s) to view your edpuzzles.
    • For tablets: Students can use the Schoology app to view your edpuzzles.
    • For mobile: Students will need to use both the Schoology and Edpuzzle apps. When they go to watch an edpuzzle through the Schoology app, they'll get a pop-up prompting them to download the Edpuzzle app if they haven't already, or if they have, students will be asked to open it in the Edpuzzle app. When they're finished, they can return to the Schoology app. 
  • How to Assign a Video Lesson on Schoology

    1. Go to “Courses” and choose the course you’d like to assign an edpuzzle for.  
    2. Click on “Materials.”
    3. In the “Add Materials” drop-down menu, select “Edpuzzle.”
    4. This will open a pop-up window showing your “My Content” on Edpuzzle.
    5. Select your video lesson (click on the eye icon in the middle of your video).
    6. Click the blue “Assign” button, which will return you to the “Materials” page.
    7. Now click on the gear icon to the right of the assignment you've just created and select "Edit."
    8. Check the “Enable Grading” box in the pop-up window, select a category for your grades (i.e. homework) and click the blue “Save Changes” button. You can optionally set a due date at this point. (Note: Do NOT have to enter the consumer key and shared secret!)
    9. Now your video lesson is ready for your students on Schoology! Your students will start to appear as they click on the assignment link.

    Best of all, once students complete the lessons their grades will automatically sync with Schoology – couldn’t be easier!

    Note: If you're a teacher using the Schoology app, please note that you won't be able to view edpuzzles using a mobile. On the other hand, you can watch edpuzzles if you're using a tablet.


  • How to Grade Open Ended Questions in Schoology

    Multiple-choice questions are automatically graded. However, if you embedded open-ended questions, follow these steps to quickly give a grade to your students. It takes seconds.

    1) Click the Edpuzzle tab on the left menu in Schoology. 
    2) Click on the assignment you want to grade.
    3) Click the blue-button "XX Answers to grade"
    4) Grade the questions one by one or "Mark all as correct".

  • Where do I check students' progress?


    Edpuzzle automatically syncs with your Schoology Gradebook. So you can check your students' progress from there. If you want more detailed information you can click on the assignment or go to the Edpuzzle tab on the left-hand menu. 

    When you click on the assignment you will see who watched the video and who didn't. For individual information click on the student name.

    You can also check the class progress for each question.

    1) Click on "Questions" in the class progress report.
    2) Click on the specific question you want to check the answers.