• I can’t see my students’ names

    If it is your first time using Edpuzzle and you do not see your students in your Edpuzzle progress report looks like this:


    It is okay. This means your students still need to watch the Edpuzzle lesson. The moment they click "play" on the video we will automatically enroll them and their progress to your Edpuzzle report.

    However, if your class progress looks like some of the students' names are missing:

    This can happen if there's a configuration error with the integration between Edpuzzle and Schoology

    • Check that the "Privacy" setting in the integration is set to "Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool". Additionally, please make sure you're assigning the assignments correctly.
    • Due to an issue in Schoology, please make sure that the "Consumer Key" and "Shared secret" fields are empty before you press the “Edit” buttonIf you've already created assignments, please make sure that you empty those fields in your next Edpuzzle assignment BEFORE students access the assignment through the link. Students must access the new edited assignment for the names to be exported to Edpuzzle.

    For visual support check this video starting at second 1:25

    Contact lausd@edpuzzle.com if you need help


  • Students see an error

    Did the students refresh the page and try again? Usually, that fixes most of these uncommon errors. If it persists, please check the following options.

    If the error says: "Oops! It seems there's some configuration issue. Ask your IT Admin for advice" This can come from two different problems:

    • If you are using linked classes and the error only appears for some students: Please check the article about Linked Sections or watch this video starting at second 0:25:

    • If you are not using linked classes and the error appears for all students: Due to an issue in Schoology, please make sure that the "Consumer key" and "Shared Secret" fields are empty before you press the “Edit” button.

    If the error says: "Select “Edit,” check the “Enable Grading” box in the pop-up window, click “Save Changes” and you're done!" This problem is because the teacher didn't assign the lesson correctly. You must click "Edit" and check the "Enable Grading" option.

    If the error says: "Invalid-lti-launch-request" check this video starting at second 2:30:

    If the error persists after watching the solutions in this video, please contact lausd@edpuzzle.com

  • Students are being asked to verify their email addresses

     When you set up the Edpuzzle integration, if you didn't click "Course admins only", your students will be asked to verify their email addresses. You'll need to go back and repeat the installation process in section I, this time making sure to select the checkbox for "Course admins only."

    Please, contact us at lausd@edpuzzle.com and we will take care of it.

  • I have problems with linked courses in Schoology

    If you're teaching the same class to multiple sections/periods, you may be using linked classes on Schoology. Be aware that if you're viewing your students in Edpuzzle, they'll all appear in one large class rather than in your separate linked classes (however, your grades will be sorted correctly in Schoology, so don't worry).

    • Another side effect is that you should NOT use the dropdown menu in Schoology to click on your different sections, since all the students will appear in the same class (the first section listed). If you accidentally use the dropdown menu and click on another section, this will create a new class, which you'll need to delete by selecting "Class options" and "Delete class" or by going to Edpuzzle and deleting the section with no assignments.

      Contact lausd@edpuzzle.com and we will help you right away.
  • I cannot find a solution to my problem

    If you are still having issues, please let our team help you. Please contact lausd@edpuzzle.com

    One of our agents will respond right away and help you. :)