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How to Sort Students Alphabetically in "Progress"

Currently, we sort student progress reports by grade. This way you can quickly segment who in your class needs additional instruction or didn't understand the concept in the video. 

However, if you would like to sort your progress report in alphabetical order by the Last Name, here is how to do so: 

  1. Go to "My Classes"
  2. Select the "Progress" button of the assignment you want to check
  3. Then click on the title "Student Name" to sort them alphabetically



You can only sort them alphabetically by the Last Name if the students have written their names as "Last Name, First Name" in their profile. If they have not, you can ask them to change their names by visiting the profile page, or you can easily change it yourself:

  1. Go to "My Classes"
  2. Select the "Members" tab, at the top right corner
  3. Click on the "Edit Name" text on the student you want to modify
  4. Change the name so it meets the "Last Name, First Name" criteria
  5. Then you will be able to order them correctly on the Progress page 

Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube