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How to write or find Teacher's comments

If you want to clarify your answer to the teacher, you can do so by adding a comment to the response. Or, if your teacher has already left you a comment on your question in Edpuzzle, here is how you can find them and write your teacher back! 

  1. Go to "My Classes"
  2. Find the assignment and click the blue "Progress" button. It will be white instead of blue if you haven't finished the assignment


  3. If your teacher has left you a comment, first press the button that says "1 comment". If you want to send a comment to the teacher instead, find the question and press the "Add comment" button



  4. A pop-up will appear with the question, your answer, and any previous comments you or your teacher have written.


Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube


Unfortunately, comments are not available yet on our Android and iOS app so you will have to use a computer in order to write to your teacher. Also, there is no notification system available at the moment so you will have to specifically search for the teacher's comments manually.