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Doing assignment - Student's project

Sometimes your teacher will propose you to switch roles and will assign you a project to feel like a teacher.

To get started with your project you can follow these steps:

  1.  Go to "My Classes".
  3. You will see there's a new project unstarted, click the right button "Start"
  5. You will see the details of the project: goal, instructions to follow and the due date.
  7. Click again the right button "Start" 
  8. Search for a video or paste the URL into the selected area, choose the video you'd like to edit your project.
  10. Select the video you prefer and click "Use it"
  12. You will be able to edit the video with the 4 tools appearing at the top. You can learn how to edit your video here.                                                                                     
  14. Once your video is done, click "Finish" at the right top of the page.             
  16. If you want to edit it again, delete it or review the instructions, you can do it with the small white buttons.
  18. When you are finally ready to share it with your teacher, click the blue button "Submit" and then "Yes" to confirm it.
  20. Now is your teacher's turn to watch it and answer all your questions. You can review the video and leave some comments to your teacher if you want.