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Set the Due date.

Due Date

The "due date" is used to set a starting and a finish date. Students will be able to watch the videos even after the due date has passed (for example to review before an exam). However, you will always hold your students accountable and if someone completed the task after the due date, you will be notified of the progress report. 

You can set a due date directly when assigning video or once assigned:

  1. Press the following buttons under "My Classes" to:




It is important to remark that if you set a future start date, the assignment will appear under the "Upcoming" section and your students will not be able to watch it until the start date arrives.



Organize Assignments

The due date is, right now, the only way to organize the content for your students, which by default is organized by last assigned on top. We are aware that we need to improve the user experience by adding more organization tools, we will work on it.