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My grade or progress isn't updating or correct

If your grade is incorrect or you have watched the video but your video progress is not updating from your teacher's side or from another device it can be due to multiple things:


I have a lower grade than expected

Multiple choice questions and answers are automatically graded and set by the teacher. However, if the question is open-ended, it usually does not have a unique correct answer and, so, it's the teacher who grades the responses.

Therefore it is possible that your answers have not been counted wrong. Your teacher has not yet corrected them and since they were open-ended questions until he/she corrects them your grade will be marked as if they were wrong, so you will have to wait until he/she corrects them.

If you want to know more about your grade, check this article on how to see a more detailed report


I believe the correct answer was the one I chose

If you selected an answer choice you believe is correct, but it was marked incorrect in the video, feel free to leave your teacher a comment explaining your point of view.

Here is an article on how to do so!


I see a different grade from another device. My progress is not appearing on my teacher's page

Usually, this happens when you have created two accounts and enrolled in the same classroom, it is possible that from one end you are seeing the progress you created in one account and from the other side you see the progress from the other. To check if you have created two accounts please ask your teacher to check his/her "Members" page. He/She will be able to ask us to delete your account. If you don't see two accounts under your name at the "Members" page, please check that you are enrolled in the same class on both accounts.