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Edpuzzle Coach Program. Edpuzzle Certification Program.

We are very happy that you decided to become an officially certified in Edpuzzle. Here you have more information if you need help to get started or to complete the certification:


Where do I get started? 

If you want to start the Edpuzzle Coach program, here is a link with all the information to get started:https://go.edpuzzle.com/resources_coach.html


If you want to learn more about the flipped classroom, here is a link with all the information about another certification program that will help you become an expert: https://go.edpuzzle.com/01CertificateProgram_01EdpuzzleCoach.html


How long is it going to take? 

It's up to you. We have seen teachers that use Edpuzzle weekly to complete the certification in one hour. We understand that teachers have a busy schedule, so you can complete it at your own pace. We expect teachers to complete the program in less than 90min.


What happens if I make a mistake? 

We decided that in order to complete the certification you need to get on average +70%. This means that you can make a few mistakes along the way, but still get your certification at the end. 

If you really want a second chance, please contact us to support@edpuzzle.com with the module you want to repeat and we will reset your assignments.