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What is the My School Channel?

When teachers use Edpuzzle, they curate excellent curriculum for their department and school. Edpuzzle provides the space to store all that content. My School Channel is a complete video-library for teachers to share and collaborate in Edpuzzle. This video-library comes with hundreds of ready-to-go video lessons for any department, at any grade level. This means that your school will have all the videos they need in one place and teachers will be able to customize for their unique classrooms.

What is the value for my school?

Collaboration, standardization of content, and quick access to the best content have a significant impact in schools.



Students will have access to excellent video-curriculum in any subject area.
  2. Teachers will save a ton of time. They won’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend hours on YouTube to find appropriate content.
  3. If your school or district invested in technology, teachers need to have great online content. Edpuzzle is there to help get that curriculum and you can adjust it to your needs in seconds.
  4. Standardization of content. Collaboration between teachers ensures that the content delivered matches the standards, even if the teacher is sick or there is a snowstorm.
  5. Excellent content forever. All the content created by teachers will belong to the school. This means new teachers will be able to build on top of the school content. This is an investment that will get better and better over time.


My school has no money, they do not have a budget for online curriculum.


We are former teachers, and we know a school is not a big corporation. However, if there is value and you are helping students learn more effectively, there might be a budget now or in the future.

We are doing a special offer until the end of 2017. Contact us and we'll make sure your school can see the full value at a very affordable price. We are here to help you demonstrate Edpuzzle is an excellent investment for your school.

Are you going to charge my school a lot of money?


We understand not all schools have budgets for online resources. We want to help every single school and every single student. That is why we believe in offering a lot of value and making it affordable for everyone. We want to help 100% of the schools, not just 5%.


Please, contact us (support@edpuzzle.com) and we'll make sure we make it work.