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Easy steps to get your department on board

It is usually better to start Edpuzzle with another teacher in the same department. You will save time and you will be able to share awesome ideas with another person. If you want to engage someone in your department we recommend the following steps:


1) Try Edpuzzle in your classroom for a week. You will see amazing improvements in your students. Get the data and show it to your colleagues.

2) Explain the easy steps to create a video-lesson, a classroom, and an assignment.

3) Help them get started and brainstorm about the next lesson they can create. We recommend re-using one of your lessons.

4) If they have to use Edpuzzle with a different class, explain how did you got started. It is scary to try something new, so if you explain how you used your time in the first and second class, they will feel more comfortable.

5) Check their progress every week and start sharing video lessons through Edpuzzle.