EDpuzzle Help Center

Tips for first time users

1) Focus on one block of content each month. By the end of the year you will have 50% of your content in video-lessons.

2) Better together! Find someone in your school that wants to use EDpuzzle. It's better to share best practices and challenges with someone in a similar context.

3) Share content within your department. If you don't feel comfortable finding video-lessons, maybe someone in your department can create the lessons and you just re-use them. Team-work!

4) Engage the parents. Explain why it's important and how can they help your students: watch the lessons together or make sure they complete the task on time.

5) Introduce Edpuzzle to your students. Make sure you explain how to watch a video-lesson. It's not like watching a music video on YouTube. They have to pay attention, rewatch if they didn't understand something and make sure they answer the questions.

6) Show me the data! Show the information you are collecting to the students. It's a great way to make sure they understand the rules.

7) Use short videos. It depends on your students, but we have seen that 7 to 9 min videos is a reasonable time. Obviously the shorter the better. Trim the videos to make sure they get just what it's necessary.

8) Record your voice. Try embedding an audio-note at the beginning or during the video. Students pay x3 more attention if they hear a familiar voice.

9) Share your excitement! If your students learn through the video celebrate it!