My video is not playing

Team EDpuzzle -

There are different scenarios that may be causing issues with playing your video correctly, please check the following articles depending on the issue you are getting:

Just to make sure you are using the right tools, we usually recommend watching the videos using:

  1. iPads and iPhones via our iOS App
  2. Android phone or tablet with the EDpuzzle Android App
  3. Laptop with Chrome, Firefox or Safari (please check that your browser's version updated)

If you are already using one of these tools, and your issue is not mentioned, it could be that there is some kind of problem with your network (a block or filter on video streaming). Just to make sure that is not the case, check first the following link:

If everything passes correctly make sure you are watching the videos somewhere with good Internet connection and please click "leave us a message" below or email us at providing the title of the video, if you think that there is a problem on our end.

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