I can't log in or I am not able to sign up

Team EDpuzzle -

In order to log in or sign up on EDpuzzle you have to enable cookies and pop-ups. In this article we explain you how to do so:

Cookies are used to store information directly on your web browser and they are necessary on the log in/sign in process. To enable cookies you need to modify your browser's security settings, to do so please choose your browser from the following links: Chrome or Internet Explorer


Pop-ups appear to allow access from another site, Google or Edmodo. To authorize pop-ups please visit Chrome settings or Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker

Also, you can click on this button (located at the top-right corner) and select the option 'Always allow', as shown in the image.


If after modifying this two options you are still not able to log in/sign in, please email us at support@edpuzzle.com (or leave a message below) indicating the browser and device you are using. If possible, also include a screenshot of the log-in page after the spinner has stopped (around 30 seconds) and an error message has appeared.

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