Edpuzzle Help Center

I switched to a new school/district


If you switched to a new school/district and want to update your Edpuzzle account with the right info, you can do so by visiting your profile page at www.edpuzzle.com/profile, there you will be able to change your:

- Email address

- Subject Area

In order to switch your school in “My School” just send us an email to support@edpuzzle.com with the following information:

- Email address, once you have updated it

- School information: name of your school and an email from a teacher in that school that is using Edpuzzle

If you lost access to your Edpuzzle account because you were using Sign In with Google, let us know and we will set a password to your account so you can access it and connect it with your new Google account. This way, you will keep all your awesome video lessons!

Lastly, if you have already created a new account with your new email address, we can delete it so you will be able to change the email address.