Edpuzzle Help Center

Change email, username, name

You can change your email or username on the profile page. You will be able to update the following information:

Email address: If you log in using an email address and a password you can update it by pressing the "Change" button.

Update/Disconnect from Google: When you use Google sign you can disconnect it or you can update it by disconnecting it from your current account and connecting Edpuzzle to the new Google account. But if you do not have a password or an Edmodo account set up yet we will ask you to first add one to prevent you from losing all access to Edpuzzle.

Update/Disconnect from Edmodo: You are able to update your Edmodo account by "Disconnecting" and "Connecting" with the new email address. But you will, also, need to add another sign in method.

You will also be able to set/change your password and change your subject. If you want to update your school please see this article.

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