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I found a video – now what?

Now that you’ve found a video, there are three things you can do: edit the video, watch the video or copy the video. You can choose any of these by hovering over the video and clicking on the icon you want.

1. Edit the video

Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit the video and customize it for your students. You can shorten the length of a video, add questions, add audio notes, add an audio track or change the title.

Editing the video automatically saves it to your content and takes you directly to where you can customize it.

2. Watch the video

Clicking the eye icon will allow you to preview the video, so you can check and see if it would be appropriate for your students.

3. Copy the video

Clicking the paper icon will allow you to copy the video to your content. The video will be automatically saved to your content. This allows you to edit it at a later date and gives you the opportunity to continue searching for videos. 

So, once you’ve found a video, you can edit, view or copy it!

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