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My student is missing from my Edpuzzle class and asking for a class code, but I'm using Google Classroom

Since you are using Google Classroom classes in Edpuzzle, you don't need the class code because your students should be automatically enrolled in your class. To check which students are missing, go to your Google Classroom-synced Edpuzzle class in the "My Classes" tab and then click "Students".

If you've connected your Google Classroom to Edpuzzle and are missing students, please review these common cases and their fixes below to help get your student enrolled in your Edpuzzle class.

The student logged in using a different email or username than the one they're using with their Google account.

To make sure the student logs in with the correct account, please ask them to log out of Edpuzzle and log back using the Google Login button and selecting the correct email associated with their Google Classroom. Check under "Students" and in Google Classroom to make sure their logins match.

The assignment was shared with students using a link, instead of the "Post to Google Classroom" button.

When you assign a video to a class in Edpuzzle, you may post the link to the assignment to your Google Classroom feed. By posting assignments this way, you ensure your students have access directly within Google Classroom and they will be prompted to log in with their correct Google account.

The student is trying to access the wrong assignment or the assignment from another class.

Keep in mind that, in Edpuzzle, assignments have a different link for each class, meaning if you assign the same video to multiple classes, you will need to get the correct link for each class and only share it with the students of that class. Use the "Post to Google Classroom" button to avoid confusion.

The student joined the course in Google Classroom after you synced the class in Edpuzzle.

To fix this, add you need to click on the "Sync Students" button in the class they're unable to access.

To complete assignments, students must log in so we can track their progress. If you post the assignment to your Google Classroom feed from Edpuzzle, your students will be notified the same way as when you post normally.