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Do my students need an Edpuzzle account?

If you'd like to record your students' progress on an assignment, then students must have an Edpuzzle account. However, if you're simply sharing your content with a colleague or do not need to record their grades, then the person you're sending the link to does not need an account.

If you want to track their progress on a video assignment, students will need an Edpuzzle account. When they complete assignments through their account, you’ll be able to see whether they’ve watched the video, their quiz responses, and more. See [how do I invite new students] for instructions on how to add students to your Edpuzzle class.

If you don’t need to track progress, you can share a link to your video that anyone can access without an account. You can do this through the "Share with anyone / publicly shared links" tab -- you can either directly share a link to the video, or embed the assignment. When somebody opens a publicly shared link, they can go through the video assignment, but their answers and progress will not be recorded.

Students need an Edpuzzle account if you want to track their progress; otherwise, they can simply view the assignment through a public link. Happy teaching!