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How can I manage storage space?

If you have copied or uploaded more videos into your My Content section than your plan allows for, you’ll see that the most recently added lessons are marked as “Unavailable”. This means that they cannot be assigned to your classes.

If there are no other teachers in your network that you can refer to Edpuzzle to unlock extra space, you might consider deleting content so that you can assign your unavailable lessons. Deleting lessons automatically makes your unavailable content useable.

First prioritize removing content that you don’t use. Then remove lessons that have already been assigned to your students. Please note that once you've deleted an assigned lesson from My Content your students will still be able to see it as part of their class. but you won't be able to copy it back to your My Content section in order to re-assign it to another class. Be sure that it's been assigned to all relevant classes before deleting.