Edpuzzle Help Center

How does storage space work?

As a teacher, you have access to all of the features Edpuzzle offers. Your school has a limit in terms of storage space, every one of its teachers can store up to 20 lessons in their account.

What counts towards your storage limit?

Everything that is stored in "My Content". This includes:

  1. All of your lessons, whether you have uploaded them yourself, or found them in any of the channels we offer.
  2. All the student projects you create.

What doesn't count towards your storage limit?

  1. Folders: create as many folders as you want to organize your content (link to folders).
  2. Assignments: assign a lesson to as many classes as you want, as many times as you like. Assignments don't count towards the limit.

Can I increase my storage limit?

Yes, and it's easy to do so! Check this article to learn how to increase your storage space at no cost. (link to "how can I increase my storage space?")

Can I delete lessons from My Content?

Yes! Deleting a lesson from My Content will free up space for new content.