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How do I turn on closed-captioning or subtitles for my video lesson?

Closed-captioning is available for any video that has been originally captioned by the service the video has been pulled from.

Enabling closed-captioning

When a user watches a video lesson which has closed-captioning, a “CC” button will appear. Click the button to enable/disable the subtitles.

Enabling subtitles in different languages

Some videos may be subtitled in different languages. To go through the options, click the “CC” button again.

No captions available

If the video doesn't have any available subtitles, the "CC" button won't appear at the bottom of the video.

Note: While some videos may contain subtitles on YouTube, many actually use a speech recognition technology to automatically generate subtitles. This feature is unavailable on Edpuzzle, as the automatically generated subtitles aren't always accurate.