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Can I enable closed-captions to my video-lesson?

Closed-captions are available for any video that has been originally captioned by the service that the video has been pulled from.


Enabling closed captions

When a user watches a video-lesson from a video which has closed-captions added, a “CC” button will appear. Click the button to enable/disable the subtitles: 

Enabling different languages

There also may be videos subtitled in different languages. To go through the options, click the “CC” button again:

No captions available

If the video does not have subtitles available, the "CC" button will not appear at the bottom of the video, as in this case:


Please note that while some videos may contain subtitles on YouTube, many actually use a speech recognition technology to automatically generate subtitles on the fly. This feature unfortunately doesn't work on other sites -- like ours.