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How do I add questions to my video?

If you'd like to embed a question in your video, click the "Content" tab at the top right of the page and check the box below the video you'd like to use. Then select "Edit" from the bottom menu, and follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the "Quizzes" button at the top of the editor.
  2. Using the timeline below the video, find the spot where you'd like to pause for a question. Click the green question mark in the box below the timeline.
  3. The question editor will appear to the right of the video.
  4. You can enter:
    1. Open-ended questions
    2. Multiple-choice questions

To add multiple questions at the same point in the video, click the "+" icon at the top-right of the question editor (next to where it says "1 of 1").

After you've added your question(s), you can click the play button to confirm that they appear in the video at the right spot. If the timing is wrong, you can drag the question box along the timeline to the left or right until it's perfectly timed!

If you want to learn more, check out our article on how to grade those questions once your students have watched the lesson.