Students are in the wrong class in my Gradebook on Edpuzzle.

When you assign an Edpuzzle lesson to multiple classes, we create different assignment links for each class. This means that when you share an assignment link, the URL will be unique for each class. If your student receives a link to an assignment for the wrong class, they could get added to that class instead of their own.

To find the correct URL for each class you shared the video with: 

  1. Go to the "My Classes" tab and select a class.
  2. Click on your assignment, and select "Share assignment". This will give you the URL for that specific class assignment.
  3. Do the same thing with each of your classes to find their unique link.

If you'd like to remove students who are in the wrong class:

  1. Go to "My Classes" > "Students".
  2. Select the students you need to remove by checking the boxes next to their names.
  3. Select "Remove from class" from the dropdown menu.