Edpuzzle Help Center

Technical Setup and Your School

If you want to ensure you have a smooth Edpuzzle experience, you'll want to make sure there are no filters blocking access to core Edpuzzle functions. For these, you'll want to get your school's IT department onboard to make the necessary changes to get things up and running.

Common issues include:

  • A blank screen with the Edpuzzle Logo instead of your video or assignment
  • An error message with a frowny face stating the connection was reset instead of your video or assignment
  • Error message when attempting to connect to Google Classroom
  • Not receiving your verification email when requested

For these and many similar issues, the cause is your school's filters which will need to be adjusted to ensure you have full access to Edpuzzle while still ensuring the safety of you and your students on the web.


Please refer your IT team to the articles below for details on how to prevent or fix these issues. 




For all other issues, please check out the Help Center!