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I'm a student and I can't enter my Google Classroom connected class

Have a Google Classroom account but having trouble finding your class in Edpuzzle?
No worries - it’s an easy fix and typically comes down to one of the three common situations below:
1.  You're not logged into Edpuzzle under the same email registered with your Google Classroom
  • If you're logged into the wrong account, log out and log back in under the correct email associated with your Google Classroom. Be sure to log in by clicking "Log in with Google"!
  • If you don't know which email this is, ask your teacher what email they have on their end.

2.  You created a new account by accident using an email different from your Google Classroom email

  • Similar to the above solution, log out then log into Edpuzzle under the correct email. Be sure to log in by clicking "Log in with Google" and selecting the email address associated with your Google Classroom account. 

3.  You're not on the Google Classroom roster or weren't on the roster when the class was imported

  • To fix this, your teacher must invite you to their Google Classroom first before going to Edpuzzle and syncing the classrooms. Please ask your teacher to check out the article below for how to do this.
If you still have trouble, ask your teacher to contact the support team at Edpuzzle - we’ll be with you right away!
NOTE FOR TEACHERS: Google Classroom connected classes do not have a class code. If your student is being asked for a class code, please refer to this article: https://support.edpuzzle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009936312