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How to securely whitelist YouTube in your school or district

We take our students' privacy very seriously, therefore when viewing an assignment, Edpuzzle web students will stream videos from www.youtube-nocookie.com while teachers will continue to stream videos from www.youtube.com

If you want to implement filters on your school which will allow teachers and students to use Edpuzzle correctly on a web browser, please configure your filters to meet these guidelines:

Filter configuration for students

  1. Block *youtube.com*
  2. Whitelist *youtube-nocookie.com*

This way your students will be only allowed to view videos from the student's side of Edpuzzle, which will have been assigned by a teacher. While not being able to search videos directly on YouTube.

Here is a page where you can test the embedded videos Test Student Page

Filters configuration for teachers

  1. Allow access to *youtube.com*
  2. Allow access to *youtube-nocookie.com*

Your teachers will be able to search for videos in Edpuzzle and assign them to your students.

Here is a page where you can test the embedded videos Test Teacher Page


Please consider that if your students are using the Android app or iOS app, they will directly stream from www.youtube.com, so you will need to whitelist it.


If you have any more questions on how to configure your filters in Edpuzzle, please let us know how you have your filters configured at your school, by emailing support@edpuzzle.com and we will be happy to help you out.