How are my assigned video lessons organized?

You can find the video lessons you’ve assigned by going to “My Classes” and choosing the class in question. 

Once there, you’ll see two tabs: “Due assignments” for video lessons you’ve set a due date for, and “No Due Date” if you’ve chosen not to set a due date. (To learn how to set a due date, check out this article: 

Assignments found under the “Due Assignments” tab are categorized as:

  • “In progress”
    • if the start date has passed or starts today and the due date is in the future, or if you still have answers to grade whether the due date has passed or not
    •  ordered by due date with the oldest on top
  • “Upcoming assignments” 
    • if the start date is in the future
    •  ordered by start date with the soonest on top
  • “Graded and completed” 
    • if the start and due dates have passed and you don’t have any pending answers to grade
    • ordered by due date with the most recent assignment on top

If you haven’t given your assignment a due date, it will appear under the “No Due Date” tab. If you’ve given the assignments start dates, they’ll appear as: 

  • “In progress” 
    • ordered by start date with the newest assignments on top 
  • “Upcoming assignments” 
    • ordered by start date with the soonest on top 
  • “Graded and completed” 
    • ordered by start date with the assignment that was most recently completed on top


If you’re interested in how your students’ results are ordered in the assignment view, check out this article:

Or if you’d like some information to share with your students on how assignments are ordered for them, you can send them this article:

Note: If you can’t find one of your assignments, make sure to check the other tabs (“Due Assignments” vs. “No Due Date”), and if you need further help, feel free to contact us at