How do I upload a video from an external app?

Explain Everything

The digital whiteboard videos you make in Explain Everything can be uploaded from either your iPad, web browser, Android, or Chromebook device.

To upload your video from your iPad:

      1. Tap on the Share button.
      2. Select Export and choose Video.
      3. Select Edpuzzle as the destination. The video will be immediately uploaded to your My Content page within your Edpuzzle account.

To upload a video from a web browser, Android or Chromebook device:

      1. Create a web video link or export your project as a video on your tablet once you finish your recording. 
      2. Download the mp4 file (skip this step if you have already exported your video).
      3. Upload the video to Edpuzzle manually.


Now you can upload your Screencastify recordings to Edpuzzle and embed questions for added engagement!

Before you can upload a recording to Edpuzzle, you'll first need to add it from the App Smash Library in Screencastify. 

To add Edpuzzle to your Share Options

      1. Select "Add more share options" in the Share section of the Video Page.
      2. On the new page that pops up, toggle Edpuzzle on.

Once you've added Edpuzzle as a share option, it'll display on the Video Page for all future and past recordings.

To upload your recording to Edpuzzle:

      1. Select "Upload to Edpuzzle" under the Share Options on the Video Page.
      2. In the new tab that pops up, select "Google Drive." This will allow us to upload the video directly from your Google Drive account to Edpuzzle.
      3. In the Google Drive file picker, select the video you'd like to upload.
      4. That's it! Your video will begin processing on Edpuzzle.