How does Live Mode work?

With Edpuzzle's Live Mode feature, your teacher can project a video lesson live in front of the whole class while you and your classmates answer the questions in real-time on your own devices.

To enter a Live Mode session, log in to your Edpuzzle account and go to your class. This will automatically take you to your Live assignment. (If you access your Edpuzzle assignments from an LMS like Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, etc. just go to the assignment as you would normally.) 

You’ll be in a holding space until all of your classmates have joined and your teacher starts the video, then the video will play on the projector screen. You will not be able to join after your teacher has started the video so make sure that you join when instructed and communicate with your teacher right away if you’re having any trouble.

The questions will appear on your screen as well as on the projector screen. Answer the questions when prompted. When all students have answered a question, your teacher will decide when to move forward. 

When the assignment is over, or your teacher has decided to stop the lesson, they will close the Live session for the whole class.

When a Live session is ended before the video is complete, you can continue on your own later by accessing the assignment as you would normally. All of the progress you made watching the video as a group will be saved so you can pick up where you left off. Make sure to check with your teacher to see if you should complete the assignment on your own time or if they have other plans!

Note: At the moment, Live Mode isn't compatible with the Android app. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, try using a mobile web browser rather than the Edpuzzle app for Live sessions.