• Edit my answer

    As a student, you are not able to edit or re-do your answer. However, you can ask your teacher to reset your assignment so you are able to redo it. We are working on giving your teacher the possibility to give you multiple attempts to the same question, but at the moment you only have one attempt unless your teacher resets your assignment.

    If you want to go an extra step, we recommend that you write down the response you wanted for this question on a paper and share it with your teacher. We are sure s/he will appreciate the effort. Or go ahead and leave a comment; check this article to see how.

  • Enable Closed Captions

    When a user watches a video-lesson from any YouTube video that is originally closed captioned, a CC button will appear to enable/disable the subtitles:


    There might be videos subtitled in different languages. To be able to go through all of them please click the `CC` button again. 



    Please note that some videos may seem closed captioned from YouTube, but most of them use a speech recognition technology to automatically generate closed captions on the fly, which unfortunately doesn't work on other sites - like ours.

  • Watch full-screen

    To watch a video in full-screen, click the square button EDpuzzle.png in the corner of the video.


    Currently, full screen is not available in Safari due to incompatibilities with our video player, therefore the button will not appear.

  • I want to skip ahead

    Browser: If you try to fast-forward and this icon appears: Fullscreen_20_07_2017__15_07.png this means you can't skip some parts of the video because your teacher decided to prevent that behavior when creating the assignment. So, I am afraid you will have to watch the whole video or maybe let your teacher know about it since he/she can unset the blocking.

    Android: There is no lock icon or feedback, but the progress bar won't let you fast-forward if your teacher has decided so.

    iOS: The progress icon will become red if you try to fast-forward further than where you left off.


  • Pick up where I left off

    Yes! It is possible to watch part of a video in one sitting and then watch the rest of the video the next time. You won't have to start from the beginning you will be able to skip ahead.

    Keep in mind that if your teacher has enabled prevent skipping the next time you watch the video, you will only be able to fast-forward up to the point you left off the first time. 


  • Doing assignment - Student's project

    Sometimes your teacher will propose you to switch roles and will assign you a project to feel like a teacher.

    To get started with your project you can follow these steps:

    1.  Go to "My Classes".
    3. You will see there's a new project unstarted, click the right button "Start"
    5. You will see the details of the project: goal, instructions to follow and the due date.
    7. Click again the right button "Start" 
    8. Search for a video or paste the URL into the selected area, choose the video you'd like to edit your project.
    10. Select the video you prefer and click "Use it"
    12. You will be able to edit the video with the 4 tools appearing at the top. You can learn how to edit your video here.                                                                                     
    14. Once your video is done, click "Finish" at the right top of the page.             
    16. If you want to edit it again, delete it or review the instructions, you can do it with the small white buttons.
    18. When you are finally ready to share it with your teacher, click the blue button "Submit" and then "Yes" to confirm it.
    20. Now is your teacher's turn to watch it and answer all your questions. You can review the video and leave some comments to your teacher if you want.                                                      






  • Restart my assignment

    Unfortunately, right now you can only have one attempt at each question in a video. We’re working on giving your teacher the opportunity to let you have multiple attempts on a question.

    If you want to show your teacher that you’re making the extra effort, we recommend that you write your new answers down, even if you can’t resubmit! Even if you can only have one official answer, your teacher will appreciate that you cared enough to think deeper about the question!

    If you would like to have another chance at the questions in a video, you can ask your teacher to reset your progress on that video. Here is a quick video that will show them how to do it.

  • Download or watch offline my Edpuzzle videos

    We understand that students may not have an Internet connection at home or you would like them to download the videos at school so they can watch them without any issues. Right now, unfortunately, it is not possible to download or watch Edpuzzle videos and assignments offline. There's no video player that supports our audio notes or our quizzes, and the Internet is crucial in order for teachers to track student's progress. 

  • Video is buffering for too long

    The problem with the video freezing/stopping is usually something related to the Internet connection: the connection speed might be too slow or there are too many people trying to connect to the same content and that can be limited by the Internet bandwidth. 

    To ensure the best experience we highly recommend students to watch the videos on:

    1. iPads and iPhones via our iOS App
    2. Laptop + Chrome, Firefox or Safari (please check that your browser's version updated)
    3. Android phone or tablet via our Android App

    If the video doesn't load at all, however, we may be facing a problem caused by network filters. Just to make sure that is not the case, check first the following link: edpuzzle.com/test.


  • Skipping questions or rewinding

    This behavior usually just happens on iOS devices, therefore we strongly recommend using our Edpuzzle iOS app for students that work smoothly and prevents many of these errors. If you are using an iPad or an iPhone, we strongly recommend it. You can access it by visiting: edpuzzle.com/getios

    If it doesn't work, please ask your teacher to contact us.

  • The video stops when I switch tabs

    When you switch to another tab our system automatically pauses the video so that you don't miss anything on the video.