• Whitelist and technical setup (Sign in or player issues)

    Working with videos, audios and third-party services like Google Classroom may be challenging on networks with strong content filters and strict cookies policies.

    That's why if you have technical issues - especially with Youtube videos, audio notes, Google Sign In and Google Classroom - we recommend contacting your IT Admin and sharing the Spec Sheet attached here: 



  • Flip your classroom

    Flipping the classroom is a great way to use the time with your students more efficiently. 

    Edpuzzle is a fantastic tool to make sure the flipped classroom works. You can save time customizing videos and you will hold your students accountable if they watch the videos at home.

    Here is a quick video that explains the basics of the flipped classroom, and there are penguins, which is awesome: Click here to watch the video at Youtube

  • Getting Started with Edpuzzle

    Welcome to Edpuzzle! We are excited that you decided to join our community of awesome teachers. Here are six steps that will help you get started to use video-lessons with your students. It should take less than 15 min.


    1) Think about your next lesson. Is there anything you would like your students to know in advance? Or maybe a concept you explained in a previous lesson?

    2) Search on Edpuzzle or YouTube. Once you have a sense of what topic you want to cover, search for it on Edpuzzle. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you can edit it to make it so! 

    3) Edit the video with Edpuzzle. Now let's make the almost perfect video, just perfect. Trim and take only the part that you need, record your voice to make it more personal or embed questions to hold your students accountable for the video.

    4) Create a class. A class is a place where you can assign videos and any student in that class will receive them. Eventually, when a student completes a task, you will receive really useful information from each one of them.

    5) Assign the video-lesson to your class and give the class code to your students. They will create a student account (email is optional) and they will introduce the class code to join your class.

    6) Check the progress report. Before the class starts, you can check each student progress on that assignment. Who watched the video, who didn't understand the lesson, and who did a good job. 


    Here is a quick video that will help you get started: Click Here


  • Easy steps to get your department on board

    It is usually better to start Edpuzzle with another teacher in the same department. You will save time and you will be able to share awesome ideas with another person. If you want to engage someone in your department we recommend the following steps:


    1) Try Edpuzzle in your classroom for a week. You will see amazing improvements in your students. Get the data and show it to your colleagues.

    2) Explain the easy steps to create a video-lesson, a classroom, and an assignment.

    3) Help them get started and brainstorm about the next lesson they can create. We recommend re-using one of your lessons.

    4) If they have to use Edpuzzle with a different class, explain how did you got started. It is scary to try something new, so if you explain how you used your time in the first and second class, they will feel more comfortable.

    5) Check their progress every week and start sharing video lessons through Edpuzzle.

  • PDF for Students: Register & Add Class

    Hello Lovely Teachers! 

    Attached to this article you will find a PDF document that you can hand out to your students to have them register for their Edpuzzle accounts and add themselves to your class by using the class code (non-Google Classroom only). 

    Feel free to use this handout as guidance if you would like to have your students register at home instead of during class time as well! 

  • Edpuzzle Coach Program. Edpuzzle Certification Program.

    We are very happy that you decided to become an officially certified in Edpuzzle. Here you have more information if you need help to get started or to complete the certification:


    Where do I get started? 

    If you want to start the Edpuzzle Coach program, here is a link with all the information to get started:https://go.edpuzzle.com/resources_coach.html


    If you want to learn more about the flipped classroom, here is a link with all the information about another certification program that will help you become an expert: https://go.edpuzzle.com/01CertificateProgram_01EdpuzzleCoach.html


    How long is it going to take? 

    It's up to you. We have seen teachers that use Edpuzzle weekly to complete the certification in one hour. We understand that teachers have a busy schedule, so you can complete it at your own pace. We expect teachers to complete the program in less than 90min.


    What happens if I make a mistake? 

    We decided that in order to complete the certification you need to get on average +70%. This means that you can make a few mistakes along the way, but still get your certification at the end. 

    If you really want a second chance, please contact us to support@edpuzzle.com with the module you want to repeat and we will reset your assignments.

  • What is Edpuzzle?

    Edpuzzle is a video platform for teachers and students. It empowers teachers to make any video their lesson with really easy to use tools and powerful analytics. How?

    • find, upload or create a video (YouTube, Vimeo and more)
    • stop the video at different points and insert your questions, audio, text, and links
    • share that lesson with a class and get your students registered by using a "class code"
    • review student participation and answers to your questions
    • grade open-ended questions and much more!

    How can I learn more and get started?

    • View the Demo Edpuzzle (1:13 minute video)
    • After you create an account, you can access free public interactive videos

    What do I need to use Edpuzzle?

    • Computer speakers or headset
    • A computer or laptop
    • The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari and the newest versions of Internet Explorer.

    What will my students need to view my Edpuzzle lesson and feedback?

    • Computer speakers or headset
    • One of the following:
    1. PC or Mac or Laptop + Chrome or Firefox or Safari
    2. Android phone or tablet (using the Edpuzzle Mobile apps for students)
    • Students do need an account; they should log in to Edpuzzle via Google with their ConnectMail Google account
    • Note: iOS and Android apps are available.

    How do I create an interactive video?

    • Log in with your instructor email you've created at https://edpuzzle.com
    • On the Dashboard, at the top, click on Search
      • On the left, click on YouTube, or somewhere else you'd like to search for your video; then type in your search terms
        • Click on a video, play it.
        • Once you like a video, at top, click on Use it
      • Now you'll see four icons above the video; click on the question mark icon to add quizzes (questions)
      • Play the video and pause it; click on the question mark icon below the video, then pick one of three types of questions on the right:
        • Type in your question (Open Question) or questions/answers (Multiple Choice) or tip (Comment)
        • After typing your question/feedback or comment, click Save; then Continue
      • When done, at the top, click Finish
      • Check beside your class name or click "Add Class" to create the class (folder) such as CIS110; add a due date and time, click Assign
    • At the top right of the Dashboard, click on Invite your Students, and save the class code to share with your students
      • Besides the new interactive video, click Share, then copy the link to add to your Sakai course

    Is there a quick way to create an Edpuzzle for a YouTube video?

    • Yes! You can download the Chrome Extension, and a little Edpuzzle button will appear below your YouTube video.
    • In YouTube, click on the Edpuzzle button, and immediately create your Edpuzzle.

    How do I preview an Edpuzzle after I create it?

    • On your Dashboard, click on My Classes, on the left click on the class name (if you have more than one) you want to preview
      • Under Assignment, you'll see your Edpuzzle lessons listed. Beside your lesson, click on View as a student link.

    How do I find my course code to share with my students?

    • On your Dashboard, click on My Classes, on the left click on the class name, (if you have more than one)
      • At the top right, click on Invite your Students, and save the class code to share with your students


  • What does Edpuzzle cost?

    Edpuzzle is 100% free for teachers and students. The gradebook and all the premium features are built so that schools pay for them, not the teachers. We decided that we will never charge teachers. Education seems to be the only industry where a worker pays for the tools used at work. 

    As former teachers, we don't think teachers should be an exception.

    So if you think the school might be interested, more than happy to help you with that process. :)

  • Everything is grey. My content has been deleted and I can not access "My Classes"

    The gray screen and the pop-ups that appear are part of the onboarding process we have on our platform. The pop-ups are intended to be a way to show you how you can use Edpuzzle to its full potential, and that's why we guide users to follow these steps. Once you finish the entire onboarding process (it's only a few steps), you will be able to freely use the website as you prefer, as you will now know all it can offer.

    Here’s a one minute video that explains how to complete these easy steps.


  • Tips for first time users and departments

    1) Try Edpuzzle in your classroom for a week! You will see amazing improvements in your students. Then show the results to your department colleagues, it's so much better to share best practices and challenges with someone in a similar context. Here are some engagement tips for your peers: 

    • Explain the easy steps to create a video-lesson, a classroom, and an assignment.
    • Help them get started and brainstorm about the next lesson they can create, so they feel more comfortable with the subject. We recommend re-using one of your lessons. Team-work!

    2) Focus on creating one block of content each month. By the end of the year, you will have 50% of your content in video-lessons.

    3) Introduce Edpuzzle to your students. Make sure you explain how to watch a video-lesson: they must pay attention, re-watch if they didn't understand something and make sure they answer the questions.

    4) Show the information you are collecting to the students! It's a great way to make sure they understand the rules and it makes them want to finish all their lessons and check their good grades.

    5) Engage the parents. Explain why it's important and how they can help their kids: watch the lessons together or make sure they complete the task on time. It’s always nice to spend some learning time with your family!

    6) The shorter the better: use short videos! It depends on your students, but we have seen that 7 to 9 min videos is a reasonable time. Trim the videos to make sure they get just what it's necessary.

    7) Record your voice. Try embedding an audio-note at the beginning or during the video. Students pay x3 more attention if they hear a familiar voice.

    8) Share your excitement! If your students learn through the video, celebrate it! This way, students will understand that learning is something fun, and that will increase their motivation for future lessons.

  • Assign a Video Lesson to Your Class

    If you want to share a video with your students, you will need to go to MyContent > Select the video you want to collect the students' progress > click "Assign/Share".

    Here is a video that will show you the different steps: 

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Invite or import your students to Edpuzzle (Class code & Google Classroom)

    Once you've created your class with its assignments, you can invite your students to it. You can do it giving to them the Class Code (if they already have an Edpuzzle account) or sharing with them the direct class link. You can also connect it to your already created Google Classroom, for more information see this article.



    The Class Code is the key to connect your students to your class in Edpuzzle. Once the students are connected, every video that you share with your class they will receive it. Also, when they watch the videos assigned, you will collect all the progress from each one of the students in your class.

    Here's a PDF document that you can hand out to your students to have them register for their Edpuzzle accounts and add themselves to your class by using the class code (non-Google Classroom only). 

    If you created a class in Edpuzzle, you will find the class code by following these steps:

    1) Go to MyClasses

    2) Click "Invite new students" on the top-right corner.

    3) There you'll see the Class Code!

    Here is a video that might be useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvk-6y-5fLQ




    If there are some students that are too young to manage Edpuzzle for themselves or doesn't have an email address yet, we recommend you to:

    1) Engage the parents: assign the videos to watch at home and let the parents manage the students' accounts. We have seen a significant impact on student learning and behavior in class when teachers use this technique. Parents are more aligned with the teacher and the student understands the lesson better.

    2) Easy usernames. Edpuzzle students can create accounts using a "username" and a "password". With students that might struggle to memorize these, we recommend using simple usernames and passwords. For example, having the same password as the username or "firstnamelastname" "123456".

    3) Watch the video together. Having 5 minutes to watch a lesson and answer the questions together is also a great way to use Edpuzzle. No need to create accounts and the students will stop and answer the questions in teams or individually.  



    If you cannot find your class code in My Classes > "Invite more students" button on the top-right corner then it's because you have a class connected to Google Classroom.

    To invite students to Google Classroom or import a whole classroom, please follow the steps in this video: 

    1) Enroll the students to the Google Classroom Group

    2) Go to Edpuzzle > My Classes > Select your class> Import from Google Classroom

    3) Select the class you want to import students from, then click "Import"

    4) You are done! 


    If you have already imported your students from Google Classroom but you want to import some new students, follow these steps:

    1) Click the "Import new students" button at "My Classes"


    Here's a video that will explain to you how to do it.




  • Delete / archive / organize videos in "My Content"

    In order to manage "My Content" section, here are the instructions on how to delete, archive and organize your videos. 

    If you'd like to manage your videos in "My Classes", the ones called assignments, please check this article.


    Delete video in "My Content"

    If you'd like to delete a video, these are the steps you should follow:

    1. Select the video you'd like to delete
    2. Click the "Remove" option
    3. Click "Yes" to confirm

    Here's a quick video that will show you how to do it.



    Archive video in "My Content"

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to archive videos in "My Content".


    Organize videos in "My Content"

    If you'd like to organize your videos from "My Content", you can create folders to keep them sorted as you want. 

    Create a new folder:

    1. Click the right "Create button at the top
    2. Click "New folder"
    3. Set the name of the folder, its tags and an additional Description, then click "Save folder"


    Add video to a folder :

    1.  Select the video you'd like to save in a folder clicking the little square next to its name
    2. Click the top right button "Move to folder" 
    3. Select the chosen folder
    4. Click "Move items" 

    Here's a quick video that will show you how to do it.


    Delete folder in "My Content"

    If you'd like to delete a folder, in order to remove all its videos, these are the steps you should follow:

    1. Select the folder you'd like to delete clicking the left button
    2. Click "Remove"
    3. Here's a quick video that will show you how to do it.


  • View Students Progress and Grade Questions

    There are 3 different options to see student's progress and answers.


    Track Entire Classroom Progress


    If you want a generic view of all your student's grade and progress for a specific video, follow these steps:

    1. Go to "My Classes" and select a class
    2. On the assignment you want. Click the blue "Progress" button on the right side
    3. You will see a quick summary of your class student's progress and grade.

    Press the following links to learn how to order the student's report alphabetically, download students progress, reset a student's attempt, track class progress in real time, track student's progress across different videos.

    Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube


    Track Individual Classroom Progress


    To see one student report of a specific video, follow these steps:

    1. Go to "My Classes" and select a class
    2. On the assignment you want. Click the blue "Progress" button on the right side
    3. Find and select the student's row. Check this article on how to order it alphabetically
    4. You will see a full report of your student's progress and answers. 

    Press the following links to learn how to reset a student's attempt, add a comment on a student's answer, download student's progress, track student's progress across different videos.

    Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube


    Grade Questions


    Edpuzzle offers three types of question/comments: Open-Ended Question, Multiple Choice Question, and Comments. Check this article if you need more information. 

    You can grade your student's response by visiting each individual progress report. But we recommend following these steps:

    1. Go to "My Classes" and select a class
    2. On the assignment you want. Click the blue "Progress" button on the right side
    3. At the top of the progress page, press the white "Questions" button
    4. You will see a summary of the number of successful answers for each question
    5. Select the question you want in order to see all the students' responses to that specific question

    To quickly find which questions are yet to be graded:

    1. Go back to the "Questions" page. Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 of the previous list
    2. At the top right of the page press the blue "Grade" button. The number shows how many answers you have yet to grade.
    3. You will see a list of the Open-Ended Questions for the video and the student's responses yet to be graded or answered. Press "Show" at the bottom of the list to see all your already corrected responses 

    Press the following links to learn how to partially grade a question, add a comment on a student's answer, track student's progress across different videos.

    Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube


  • How to get started for Google Classroom users

    How to get started with Edpuzzle and Google Classroom

    1) Sign in as a teacher with your Google Classe's account

    Edpuzzle_-_How_to_get_started_with_EDpuzzle_and_Google_Classroom_-_YouTube.png    Edpuzzle_-_How_to_get_started_with_EDpuzzle_and_Google_Classroom_-_YouTube.png      EDpuzzle.png

    2) Select your subject and School

    3) Select and Edit your video to make it a lesson following the onboarding steps

    4) Click "Finish", at the right top of the page

    5) You will be able to assign this video to one or more of your Google Classroom classes. Select them and click "Send"


    Post a video-lesson in your Google Classroom's group:

    1) Back in "My Classes", click the "Post" button. 

    2) Allow your browser to show you pop-ups.

    3) Click "Assign".

    Here's a quick video that will show you how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN_OWCe7PEY


    Connect an existing class to Google Classroom

    1. Create a new class, in the left column, clicking the "Add class" button
    2. If you'd like to connect it to one Google Classroom group you've two options:

                  A) Click the round button next to the class name

                  B) Go to "Members" and click "Connect to Google Classroom"


    Here's a quick video that will show you how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB86d6nPwic

    If you'd like to Import Classes and Students from Google Classroom or know How to enroll new students to my Edpuzzle class if I use Google Classroom, please visit this other articles.