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  • Move one student to another classroom

    If you'd like to reorganize your students, for example moving some of them from one class to another, these are the steps you should follow:

    1) Go to "My Classes" select from the left bar the original class that your students belong to.

    2) Go to "Members"

    3) Remove the students we want to change to another class

    4) Go to the new class and click the "Invite students" blue button at the right. 

    5) Then give the new class code to the students you want to add to that class.

    Here's a quick video that might help.



  • Delete, Lock, Edit, Archive a classroom

    Please select what you would like to do


    How to delete or lock a classroom

    If you'd like to get a better control of your class, you can lock it to prevent other students from joining it, even with the class code. Another useful tip is to delete it, for example, when you're starting a new semester and you want to delete the old classes to avoid mixing them.

    In order to do any of the mentioned options, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to "My Classes"
    2. Select the class you'd like to lock or delete
    3. Go to "Members"

    - Delete a class:

    • Click the "Remove Class" option at the right, below the Locking access.
    • Confirm the deletion by selecting 'yes'

    Here's a quick video that might help.      


    - Lock a class:

    • Click the "Lock access" option at the right.
    • Click it unlock the class whenever you want to add new students to the class.

    Here's a quick video that might help. 


    How to edit a classroom

    Once you've created your class, if you want to edit its information like its name, subject or grade, just follow these instructions: 

    1. Go to "My Classes" and find the class you want to edit.
    2. Edit the classroom name: Press the class name on the list. Type the new name and press "Return"
    3. Change subject and grade: Select the correct option in the drop-down menu below the class name.

    Here is a quick video that will show you how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2mnKon9saY


    How to archive a classroom

    Unfortunately archiving classes is not available for the moment, even though we are considering it for newer versions of Edpuzzle, right now we do not have this feature. Although we strongly recommend that teachers delete and create new classes every year.


  • Change student password, name or remove / Class members

    If one of your students has forgotten their password, you need to change their name in Edpuzzle, or they need to be removed from your class, it's easy! 

    Please follow these steps:

    1) Go to the class that the student is enrolled in and then click on the tab titled "Members".

    2) There you will see your entire roster of students who have been invited to that class and you can click on the links "Edit Name", "Reset Password", or "Remove". EDpuzzle.png

    Here's a quick video that will show you how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EtSVNyFE_4


  • Set the Due date.

    Due Date

    The "due date" is used to set a starting and a finish date. Students will be able to watch the videos even after the due date has passed (for example to review before an exam). However, you will always hold your students accountable and if someone completed the task after the due date, you will be notified of the progress report. 

    You can set a due date directly when assigning video or once assigned:

    1. Press the following buttons under "My Classes" to:




    It is important to remark that if you set a future start date, the assignment will appear under the "Upcoming" section and your students will not be able to watch it until the start date arrives.



    Organize Assignments

    The due date is, right now, the only way to organize the content for your students, which by default is organized by last assigned on top. We are aware that we need to improve the user experience by adding more organization tools, we will work on it.





  • Create a new classroom

    If you do not use Google Classroom, there are two ways you can create a new Edpuzzle classroom. The first one after editing your video and the second one directly from the "My Classes" page. If you are a Google Classroom user please check this article to see how to import a new classroom.

    Create a classroom after editing your video

    1. Once you have finished editing your video, click on the blue "Finish" button at the top right of the page. A pop-up will appear
    2. Select the option "Add Class"
    3. Set a name for that class
    4. Press enter or click the check mark 

    Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube 


    Create a classroom from "My Classes"

    1. Click the "My Classes" tab at the top of the page.
    2. On the left, under my classes, click "Add class".
    3. Set a name.
    4. Press enter or click the check mark.

    Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube 


    If you want to edit your class name/grade/subject, lock it or remove it, once it has been already created, please check this article.



  • How to Sort Students Alphabetically in "Progress"

    Currently, we sort student progress reports by grade. This way you can quickly segment who in your class needs additional instruction or didn't understand the concept in the video. 

    However, if you would like to sort your progress report in alphabetical order by the Last Name, here is how to do so: 

    1. Go to "My Classes"
    2. Select the "Progress" button of the assignment you want to check
    3. Then click on the title "Student Name" to sort them alphabetically



    You can only sort them alphabetically by the Last Name if the students have written their names as "Last Name, First Name" in their profile. If they have not, you can ask them to change their names by visiting the profile page, or you can easily change it yourself:

    1. Go to "My Classes"
    2. Select the "Members" tab, at the top right corner
    3. Click on the "Edit Name" text on the student you want to modify
    4. Change the name so it meets the "Last Name, First Name" criteria
    5. Then you will be able to order them correctly on the Progress page 

    Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube


  • Gradebook: Students' progress across different videos

    Interested in getting the Gradebook feature unlocked? Fill out this form, and we’ll let you know exactly how to get started! We simply ask you to lead a PD session in your school about Edpuzzle! Don’t worry, we’ll send along all the necessary information once you fill out the form!

    The Gradebook feature allows you to track student progress across multiple video-lessons that you have assigned to them, so you can really see patterns in their comprehension! Here’s a short video that explains this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkcFIQDXrcg

  • Download Student Progress Reports

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Sort students by first or last name

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Remove a student

    If your students created different accounts and you want to remove one of them. You will need to go to MyClasses > Members > Click the "Remove Student" button. If in the future you want to prevent the students from getting into your class many times, you can click "Lock class" on the top right corner of the Members page.

    Click here to watch it on Youtube


  • Delete an assignment

    From the My Classes section, click on the Delete button below the title of the video. This will only remove the assignment, you will still find the video under 'My Content' page, and you will be able to assign it again.

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • How to Share an Edpuzzle Video Without Logging In

    If you would like to share a video that you have created, you will need to share it directly from "My Content". If you share a video from your "Assignments" tab, the person who receives the link will have to create an Edpuzzle account and become a member of your class before they can view the video. 

    Here's a video to guide you through it! 

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Alphabetize Student Progress Report

    Edpuzzle's Student Progress Reports are automatically sorted by grade of the assignment so you can quickly segment who in your class needs additional instruction or didn't understand the concept in the video. 

    However, if you would like to change this and sort your progress report by alphabetical order, here is how you do so: 

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Embed an assignment into LMS, Blog or Website.

    If you want to embed your lesson into your LMS or blog, here is a video that might be useful. The students can watch the video from one place, and you will collect all the progress report and responses to the questions in just one place.

    The embed code works on 99% of the LMS in the market. For example: Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Haiku, or Edmodo. If you need help embedding your lesson into your LMS, please let us know (support@edpuzzle.com).

    Click here to watch it on Youtube


  • I want my students to create their own video-lessons in Edpuzzle

    That is an excellent idea. Here is an old video that explains how students can create their own video lessons. To get started you just need to go to My Content > Create > Student Project and assign it to your class:

    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Add co-teacher to my class

    The co-teacher option is something that isn't possible now, unfortunately. Sharing a login account is the only alternative as of now, we hope that can work for you. 

    We appreciate your patience on this as we are a small but hard working team, building all things teachers tell us one at a time :)

  • How to Archive Assignments

    1) When you archive an assignment that has already been completed in one of your classes, it will move from the "Due Soon" tab at the top of the page, down to the archived tab which is labeled by the month and the year.


    2) In your class, under the "Assignments" tab,  scroll down and click on the "Month, Year" tab and you will see your archived videos from that month. Students will still have access to the videos that have been archived, it will just allow your "My Classes" view to be organized more clearly by the date the assignments were due.


    3) If you would like to unarchive your videos, on the far right there is a button with an arrow that you can click on to unarchive the content. (Here's a picture so you can see it).



    Once you unarchive it, it will move the assignment back up to your "Due Soon" section!


  • Organize Assignments

    You are 100% right, we need to improve the user experience, we will work on it. Right now the best solution is, to update the due date and time. 

    Here is a quick video that might be useful: 


    Click here to watch it on Youtube

  • Missing Video in My Classes

    Is there a video that you assigned to your class but it isn't appearing? Not to worry :) 

    If you added a due date to your video that is for a date in the future, it will be listed under the "Upcoming" tab, directly below the "Due Soon" tab that shows your assignments that are due today, past due, or do not have a due date listed. 

    Simply, scroll down until you see the "Upcoming" tab, and expand the tab by clicking on the words "Upcoming". There you will find your videos that have due dates listed in the future! 

    Click here to watch it on Youtube