• Copyright issues?

    Since EDpuzzle is just streaming videos from YouTube or Vimeo through their embed APIs, we (and you) are in compliance with copyright issues. That is provided the original video isn't infringing on anything, in which case the video could be taken down at any time.
    The original video still accumulates views through EDpuzzle videos, because we do not use the Auto-Play embed. Meaning the user has to click play in order to watch the video and it's verified that someone is watching the video and it's not just automatically playing. Through YouTube's embed API, pre/post-roll ads do not play, but the pop-up banner ads still show on the EDpuzzle video. This is important if the owner of the video making money from advertisers to assure their video content and ads are being seen. Again, this is in compliance with YouTube, as long as you are not making money directly off of video content that you do not own.

    Besides, following YouTube terms of use, education is an exception and you can use any public video for educational purposes, as long as you don't make money out of it.

  • Watch videos offline

    Right now the videos are not available without internet connection. Internet is necessary so that teachers can get the progress of their students while their watch the video-lesson. We are tracking all the information to our servers so teachers can follow the activity of their students without any delay.

    We will explore alternatives, but at the moment, make sure students complete their task online. :)

  • Translate EDpuzzle

    Unfortunatly, right now EDpuzzle is just available in English, and since we are still improving our product we are not planning on translating the website to other languages at the moment.

    However, once we have all of our current ideas completed, we would love to count with all of you to help us translate EDpuzzle to as many languages as possible!

  • Integration with your LMS (Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard,...)

    Unfortunately, we do not have a deep integration with any LMS, but there are many teachers who use EDpuzzle and their LMS at the same time without a problem.

    It is easy to share (embed) the videos and export the grades to your LMS gradebook account. Here are the two embedding options EDpuzzle offers right now:

    Option 1: Sharing a video lesson with another teacher or with your students without tracking their progress/responses.


    Option 2: Sharing a video assignment with your students and tracking their progress/responses. This option requires that you assign the video to a classroom and then share the assignment instead of the video lesson itself.

    If you are worried about the creation of your students accounts, please know that your student will not need an email address in order to access EDpuzzle, they can do so by using an username.

    Expect us to work on this integration, but also please be patient since we are quite a small team and we work our best to improve all of our teacher's experience and right now we are working on other tools that I bet you will also enjoy.