• Change email, username, name

    You can change your email or username at the profile page. You will be able to update the following information:

    Email address: If you log in using an email address and a password you can update it by pressing the "Change" button.

    Update/Disconnect from Google: When you use Google sign you can disconnect it or you can update it by disconnecting it from your current account and connecting EDpuzzle to the new Google account. But if you do not have a password or an Edmodo account set up yet we will ask you to first add one to prevent you from losing all access to EDpuzzle.

    Update/Disconnect from Edmodo: You are able to update your Edmodo account by "Disconnecting" and "Connecting" with the new email address. But you will, also, need to add another sign in method.

    You will also be able to set/change your password and change your subject. If you want to update your school please see this article


    Click here to watch it on Youtube


  • Delete account

    If you want to delete your account please click "leave us a message" below, or email us at (support@edpuzzle.com). If you are an student who wants to delete his/her account please visit: Delete student's account 

    It is not possible to exchange your account from student to teacher, or vice-versa, but we allow having two different accounts (a teacher and a student one) with the same e-mail address, that way you are able to keep all your information or see your classes from the students point of view.


  • I can't log in or I am not able to sign up

    In order to log in or sign up on EDpuzzle you have to enable cookies and pop-ups. In this article we explain you how to do so:

    Cookies are used to store information directly on your web browser and they are necessary on the log in/sign in process. To enable cookies you need to modify your browser's security settings, to do so please choose your browser from the following links: Chrome or Internet Explorer


    Pop-ups appear to allow access from another site, Google or Edmodo. To authorize pop-ups please visit Chrome settings or Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker

    Also, you can click on this button (located at the top-right corner) and select the option 'Always allow', as shown in the image.



  • Enable the microphone usage

    If you have the microphone blocked by default and need to enable it, just follow this basic instructions (images made with Chrome but should work for most browsers):

    1. Click on padlock on the top left corner of your browser. Maybe instead of a padlock it appears an image of a white paper, it does not matter.


    2. This drop down menu will show up. Search for the microphone option and then select 'always allow for this site' option. 

  • Log out

    To logout from EDpuzzle, simply click on the arrow at the top right part of the browser (image below), or visit www.edpuzzle.com/logout.

    This is the exit button:


    If you are a student who signed as a teacher and you are stuck on the "Search" page, please check this article 

  • My video is taking too much time to upload or upload not working

    Internet connection, temporary server issues, the size or the format of the video can be the origin of the problem.

    First of all, avoid uploading videos from iPad devices, check this article for more info. Also note that videos cannot exceed 1GB.

    If you comply with these requirements and still doesn't work, feel free to email us to support@edpuzzle.com with the original file of the video and we will have a look into it. If the video is too large to be attached, please send us a Dropbox or Google Drive link.


  • Students' progress is not showing up

    First, it's very important that you assign the video to one class. If you don't follow this step, we cannot track the student progress. If you want to embed this video afterward to an external site you can do so by following these steps.
    Instructions: Assign video to a classroom > My Classes > click on the "Share" button on the right of the assignment info > Link or Embed code. Students will be asked to log in (to be able to identify who is doing that assignment) and then they will be able to see the video and answer the questions. So, students will need to have an EDpuzzle account on this option.

    Second, let's make sure the students are using the right tools. We usually recommend students to watch the videos:

    1. iPhone and iPads: EDpuzzle iOS App
    2. Android Smartphone or Tablet: Android App
    3. Laptops and Desktop computers with Chrome (latest version)

    If they are still having issues, please, contact us to support@edpuzzle.com and we will find a solution to your problem. We will need the title of the video, the name of the class and the students' usernames.

  • YouTube video is restricted

    When videos are restricted or it shows a message like this:"This video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account" it means that your internet network or your google apps domain has a filter for YouTube videos. To solve this please follow these steps:

    1. Visit YouTube page
    2. Check if you are logged in with your school account (do so if not)
    3. Scroll all the way down and see if you see this:


    "Restricted Mode" is probably ON for you, if you can, switch it off. Sometimes the button is blocked and you as a teacher don't have control over it -- that means that your school/district has enabled this. If there is somebody on your IT department that can contact us at support@edpuzzle.com, we will make all possible to make EDpuzzle work on your school.

  • Video with Sad face or error message: "The connection was reset"

    If the video is displaying a sad face or a message "The connection was reset" like this one:


    This probably has to do with YouTube blockage in your school, if you could email us to support@edpuzzle.com or "leave a message” below mentioning it is displaying a sad face / connection was reset error, and specifying who (teacher/student) is getting this issue we would gladly help you. If possible, please attach your IT admin to the conversation.

    In case YouTube is blocked and it is not possible to enable it we recommend two alternatives:

    1. You can upload your videos directly into Edpuzzle servers. Those videos won't be blocked. Video showing how to upload in EDpuzzle
    2. You can flip your class. This means that you assign the videos to watch at home and you get more time in the classroom.

    In the meantime, if we could talk with the IT person in your school, we would love to check if there is anything we can do to make it work!

  • YouTube is blocked in my school

    It sounds like there is a strong filter in your school. In this case we recommend two alternatives:

    1. You can upload your videos directly into EDpuzzle servers. Those videos won't be blocked.
    2. You can flip your class. This means that you assign the videos to watch at home and you get more time in the classroom.

    In the meantime, if we could talk with the IT person in your school, we would love to check if there is anything we can do to make it work.

  • Prevent Skipping not working?

    If you selected prevent skipping, but when you check one of your students' progress reports and it seems like they skipped parts of the video, do not panic. :)

    The student is probably using a smartphone or a tablet to watch the lesson. It is harder to track the students when they use these devices, that is why we have Apps for iOS and Android. Make sure the students use one of the following:

    1. iPhone and iPads: EDpuzzle iOS App
    2. Android Smartphone or Tablet: Android App
    3. Laptops: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (latest version)


    If that is not the case, please email us to support@edpuzzle.com

  • I switched to a new school/district


    If you switched to a new school/district and want to update your EDpuzzle account with the right info, you can do so by visiting your profile page at www.edpuzzle.com/profile, there you will be able to change your:

    - Email address

    - Subject Area

    In order to switch your school in “My School” just send us an email to support@edpuzzle.com with the following information:

    - Email address, once you have updated it

    - School information: name of your school and a email of a teacher in that school that is using Edpuzzle

    If you lost access to your EDpuzzle account because you were using Sign In with Google, let us know and we will set a password to your account so you can access it and connect it with your new Google account. This way, you will keep all your awesome video lessons!

    Lastly, if you have already created a new account with your new email address, we can delete it so you will be able to change the email address.


  • I introduced the wrong School, what can I do?

    There is a solution. Please, contact us to support@edpuzzle.com using the same email you use in EDpuzzle. Please, share the correct name of your school and a teacher in that school that is using Edpuzzle. We will check it and change it in our data base.