• Delete my account

    Unfortunately, only a teacher can request the removal of a student's account. Please ask your teacher to send us an email so that we can proceed with the deletion of your account.

    If you are worried about privacy, please note that for security reasons your account will be removed not later than 18 months of inactivity.


  • I forgot or I need to reset my Password and Username

    I forgot or I need to reset my Password

    If you don't remember your password or you'd like to reset or change it, you'll need to ask your teacher to do so. You can tell him/her to follow this article.


    I want to change my Password or Username 

    If you are logged in Edpuzzle and you are using the browser you need to visit the "Profile" page in order to edit your password, username, email, name, etc. Here are the steps to do so:

    1. In the top right corner of Edpuzzle, click on your name.
    2. You can edit your First Name, Last Name, Email address. Then click "Update" to save.
    3. You can "Set Password" or "Change Password".
    4. On the right side of the page, you can edit your username by selecting the "Change" button. As well, connect and disconnect from Google and Edmodo
  • I am a student but I signed up as a teacher

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to turn a teacher account into a student account. However, you just need to go to https://edpuzzle.com/logout and then sign up as a student. Edpuzzle allows you to have a teacher and a student account with the same username/email. This way, you will not have an issue creating your student account.