How do I create audio questions?

Audio questions allow you to enhance or replace written questions embedded in your video lessons. 

Here’s how to add audio to your questions while in the video editor:

    1. Click on the "Questions" tab above the video.
    2. In the timeline below the video, click on the spot where you’d like to add a question.
    3. Select “Multiple-choice question” or “Open-ended question” from the options on the right.
    4. To begin recording the audio for the question you’re asking or for an answer choice (for multiple-choice questions), click the microphone icon in the bottom left corner of the associated text box. 
    5. To stop recording, click the blinking red square.
    6. Play back the audio to make sure you’re happy with your recording. If you’d like to redo or remove it, click the trash can to the right of your audio to delete it.
    7. Click the blue “Save” button to finish adding or editing the question.


You may also be interested in adding audio to your notes or allowing students to record audio responses.