How does the Gradebook work?

Just like everything at Edpuzzle, we try to keep our Gradebook simple, powerful and useful. We'll explain the following sections in greater detail:

    1. Progress calculation
    2. Total score
    3. Total time spent
    4. Turned in "Late"
    5. Individual student report
    6. Range of dates
    7. Download progress

Progress calculation 

If you assigned video lessons with questions, you'll want to see the grade that each student got in each video, which is exactly what Edpuzzle shows.

If an assignment still has open-ended questions pending to be graded, you'll see "..." Once you grade those questions, the Gradebook will automatically update that information.

Under each grade, you'll see a thin line showing the percentage of the video watched by that student. This will also give you more information about the level of completion for the assignment.

Total score 

At the beginning of each student's row, you'll see the "Total score". This is an average of all the grades earned by that student for the displayed period of time.

It's important to note that if a video doesn't have questions, it won't be included in the "Total score" calculation.

If you're using Edpuzzle as a formative or summative assessment tool, this information is priceless!

Total time spent 

Next to the "Total score" you'll see the "Total time spent". This information shows how much time each student spent watching the videos.

This information can help you analyze how much effort your student made. If a student is rewatching the lesson to get a better grade, the total time spent will be higher. We strongly recommend encouraging your students to rewatch certain parts of the video before responding to a question.

Turned in "Late"

If the video lesson has a due date and the student completed the video "Late", you'll see a red clock icon next to that grade. That grade will still count as part of the total score.

Individual student report

If you click on any student's name, you'll get an individual report. You'll see the total score, the total time spent and their progress for each assignment. This report is ideal if you want to have a one-on-one meeting with a student.

Range of dates

By default, you'll see the video lesson assignments from the past 30 days. If you want to change the date range, click on the "Start Date" box and enter the dates of your choice.

Download progress

If you want to download any information from the Gradebook to use in your school reports, simply click "Export Gradebook." You'll get a CSV file that you can open using Excel, Google Sheets, or even upload to your online School Gradebook.