Can my students create video lessons?

Yes! When you want to create an assignment for which your students will submit their own video lesson, this is called a student project.

Student projects allow you to engage with your students using project-based learning and are a great way to assess their knowledge on a topic.

Here’s how to set up a student project:

    1. Click on the blue "+ Add Content" button at the top of your screen.
    2. Choose “Student project" from the drop-down menu.
    3. Fill in the fields for the Subject (the project name), Goal of the project, and Instructions.
    4. Choose the video source by checking the box(es) next to the option(s) you want available to your students. 
      • “Find YouTube video” will allow your students to search through our YouTube channel or paste a YouTube video URL into the search bar if they have an exact video in mind.
      • “Upload a video” will allow your students to upload their own video directly to Edpuzzle. They can upload a video file from their computer or Google Drive.
    5. Click “Save project” to save it and return to your My Content library, or “Save and Assign” to immediately assign the project to your students.

Now, the student project will automatically appear in your My Content library, below all of your other video lessons. You’ll be able to assign student projects just like you would a video lesson.

If your students need help creating their projects, you can share this article with them for details on how things will work from their end.


Note: At this time, the use of student projects isn't available for classes created through LTI integrations.