How do I turn on closed-captioning or subtitles for my video lesson?

Closed-captioning is available for any YouTube videos on Edpuzzle that have been originally captioned within YouTube, as well as for Edpuzzle Originals and most teacher-uploaded content.

Enabling closed-captioning

When you assign your video lesson, you can select the option to "Turn on CCs" to enable closed-captioning.

When a student watches a video lesson that has closed-captioning, a “CC” button will appear beneath the video. They can click this button to enable or disable subtitles.

Enabling subtitles in different languages

Some videos may be subtitled in different languages. To go through the options, click the “CC” button.

Note that if the YouTube video owner has added subtitles manually, then you will only be able to access those manually-generated subtitles and any auto-generated closed captions will not be available within Edpuzzle.

No closed captions available

If the video doesn't have any available subtitles, the "CC" button won't appear at the bottom of the video. 

Setting closed-captioning as a default

If you always want closed-captioning to appear (when available), just click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner, select your name from the dropdown menu, and click on the "Settings" tab. Next to "Closed Captions," toggle the switch to “On.” That's it – your preferences will be saved automatically!