I can't log in / sign up.

To log in to Edpuzzle, you need to make sure that your browser allows cookies and pop-ups.

Cookies store information directly on your web browser, and you need them to log in or sign up with Edpuzzle. Cookies are enabled by default for most browsers, but you’ll need to check to make sure.

To make sure cookies are enabled, you need to check your browser's security settings. To do so, follow these steps for your browser:

Also, make sure third-party cookies are enabled for accounts.google.com if you use Google Sign in.

Edpuzzle uses pop-ups when interacting with other websites, like when you sign in with Google. To authorize pop-ups, follow the steps below for your browser:

Sometimes, browser extensions can block some of our features. You can test how Edpuzzle should work without any extensions by following these steps:

If everything worked using an incognito window or safe mode, we recommend that you test and disable your extensions to find out which one is causing the issue. Every browser allows you to disable and enable each extension individually:

Finally, if you’re still experiencing issues logging in, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache to delete any old data that might be interfering. Follow these steps to do so:

If your browser doesn’t appear on this list or you're still not able to sign in to Edpuzzle, just email us at support@edpuzzle.com and we'll look into the issue for you!