Tips for first-time Edpuzzle users and departments

You’ve just signed up for Edpuzzle, but what’s the best way to start using it? Here are some suggestions from our top users:

  • Try it for a week and share! You'll see an amazing improvement in your students’ engagement. Start by creating and assigning one or two videos to your students. Then, share the results with your colleagues. Here are a couple of tips for engaging your peers:
    • Explain the easy steps to create a video lesson, classroom and assignment.
    • Help them to get started and brainstorm the next lesson they could create. We recommend re-using one of your lessons – teamwork!
  • Focus on creating one block of content each month. By the end of the year, you'll have 50% of your content in video lessons and ready to reuse the next year.
  • Introduce Edpuzzle to your students slowly. Make sure you explain how to watch a video lesson: they must pay attention, re-watch if they don’t understand something and answer the questions. Watch the first video together as a class, then transition gradually to your students watching Edpuzzle video lessons independently.
  • Show your students the information you're collecting. It’s a great way to make sure they understand the grading process and encourage them to complete their lessons.
  • Engage the parents. Explain why it’s important and how they can help their kids: watch the lessons together or make sure their children complete the task on time. It’s always nice to spend some learning time with your family!
  • Use short videos! It depends on your students, but we've seen that 7-9-minute videos are effective and even more so when shorter. Trim the videos to make sure your students only have to watch what's necessary.
  • Record your voice. Studies show that students pay three times more attention if they hear a familiar voice! Try embedding an audio note as part of your video lesson.
  • Share your excitement! If your students learn through the video, celebrate it! This way, students will understand that learning is fun and have increased motivation for future lessons.

Looking for more tips? Reach out to teachers on social media @edpuzzle or check out our professional development courses.