How can I use Edpuzzle with my college students or adult learners?

If you're a college professor, you can use Edpuzzle to create and assign homework and make learning more engaging for your students. Here are some cases in which using Edpuzzle can be especially effective.

Make Concepts Come Alive

College professors can use the animation and illustrations in Edpuzzle videos to help teach complex concepts, especially in subjects such as engineering and medicine.

Ensure Student Accountability

Many students miss lectures by choice or because of other commitments, and oftentimes professors post lectures online for their students to watch. With Edpuzzle, professors can ensure that their students are actually watching the lectures and not just skimming through their friends' notes.

Free Up Class Time for Application

By flipping your classroom with Edpuzzle, professors have more time to allow their students to explore the content through practical application, instead of just covering the content.

Edpuzzle can also be used for adult learners in continuing education. Any trainer can use Edpuzzle to create a video course that's more engaging and flexible compared to traditional continuing education/career training, with the added ability to check whether your class has watched and understood the content.