How can I use Edpuzzle with my elementary students?

Edpuzzle can help you teach your elementary students even more effectively! Interactive video lessons have countless perks both in and outside the classroom, giving you more time to focus on your students. Some advantages for elementary students include:
Engaging the parents
Assign the videos to watch at home and let the parents manage your students’ accounts. We've seen a significant impact on student learning and behavior when teachers use this technique. Parents are more aligned with the teacher and the student understands the lesson better.
Easy usernames
Students can create their own Edpuzzle accounts with a username and password. For students who might struggle to remember these details, we suggest using simple usernames and passwords – something fun, memorable and safe for your students!
...or no usernames at all!
Create an Open Class to avoid usernames and passwords for your students all together! Check out our article on how Open Classes work for more information. 
Watching the video together
Using five minutes to watch a lesson and answer the questions together is also a great way to use Edpuzzle. That way, there's no need to create accounts, and your students can stop and answer the questions in teams or individually.
Simple videos
Use short visual videos to get students' attention easily. When you add questions, try multiple-choice questions to keep it simple.