My child doesn't know their class code

If your child doesn't know their class code for Edpuzzle, don’t worry! There are two ways to get into the class:

  1. If their teacher shared a link or an embedded video with them, simply click on it and click the “Join” button when the pop-up window opens.
  2. If your child doesn't have a link or video, you’ll need to ask their teacher or another classmate for the class code. Here’s where that code can be found:
    • Teachers: By clicking the blue "Invite Students" button on the “Class members” tab for the class.
    • Classmates: When viewing the class in Edpuzzle, in the upper right-hand corner.

Note: For teachers who use Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or Clever with Edpuzzle, your child won't need a class code as they’ll be automatically enrolled in their Edpuzzle class from that LMS. If your child is being prompted for a class code, double-check that they are logging into Edpuzzle with the same email address they use for their LMS.

If your child hasn't created an account and needs some help, check out this article on how to join Edpuzzle as a student.