How to report inappropriate content or abuse

Inappropriate content

With a student account, your child will only be able to see videos assigned to them by teachers.

First of all, make sure your child is logged in with the correct account. If your child is using Google to log in:

    1. First, log out of all Google accounts in the current browser.
    2. Refresh Edpuzzle.
    3. Click on “Sign in with Google” and sign in with your child’s email address.

If your child is logged in with the correct account, but you believe the video to be inappropriate, please contact the teacher and school first. Let them know the name of the video and the reasons why you consider it inappropriate.

If you’re not able to solve the problem with the teacher, please contact us by emailing Let us know the title of the video or the name of the teacher who created it, and we’ll review it and remove it if it violates our Terms of Service.


If you detect any kind of abusive behavior by another user (via messages, videos, etc.), report it to the school. They will get in touch with us to take the necessary measures.

Any questions? Email us at, and we'll be happy to help.