What is Live Mode?

With Edpuzzle's Live Mode feature, you can project your video live in front of the whole class while students answer in real-time on their own devices!

To start a live assignment, select a video from your content and assign it to a class. Then, from the assignment screen, click the “Live Mode" button towards the top of your page.

To enter your live assignment, your students just need to log in to their Edpuzzle accounts and go to your class. This will automatically take them to your live assignment. When your students are ready, click the blue “Start!” button and the video will play on your projector screen. Keep in mind that students will not be able to join after you’ve clicked “Start!” so make sure all students are in before moving forward.

The questions will appear on your students’ screens as well as on the projector screen. You’ll see how many students have answered the question so you can decide when to move on.

When you click “Continue,” students will see any feedback you’ve included for the questions on their screen and the correct answer for multiple-choice questions. On the main screen, you can click “Show responses” to display the results in percentages for the whole class. Names won’t be shared so your students won’t be embarrassed if they get a question wrong. You decide when time’s up and when to move to the next question.

To finish the assignment, click “Exit live” at the bottom of your screen.
(You'll be automatically exited from Live Mode after 3 hours if you forget to click "Exit live.")

If you’re unable to complete the assignment you can also exit Live Mode at any time. When you end a Live session before the video is complete, students can continue on their own later by accessing the assignment as they would normally. All student progress will be saved so they can pick up where you left off.

Important Notes:

  • At the moment, Live Mode isn't compatible with the Android app. If your students are using smartphones or tablets, they should use a web browser rather than our mobile app.
  • Live Mode can be used with up to 100 students at once. If you are planning to use Live Mode with larger classes, we recommend breaking them into smaller groups for multiple sessions.

Here’s a quick video to help you learn more about some of the ways you can use Live Mode with your classes: