How does an open class work?

With open classes, your students can join a class and complete assignments without an Edpuzzle account. This makes using an open class a great option for younger students, one-off groups of learners, and more!

To create an open class:

    1. Click the plus (+) sign next to "My Classes" on the left-hand side of your page.
    2. Click on “Create new class.” 
    3. Add a name for your class and a description (optional), then the class grade level, and subject. 
    4. Select “Open” under “Class type.”
      Note that once you choose your class type, you won't be able to change it.

You can choose to allow your students to create their nicknames or have Edpuzzle automatically create them. To use randomly generated nicknames, check the box that says “Let Edpuzzle generate students’ nicknames.” This means that you’ll see progress and grades on assignments for anyone that completes them, but it will be anonymous.

If you don’t check this box, students will be prompted to enter a nickname upon joining your class. If you want to make sure you can identify who is who, we recommend providing clear instructions to your students for entering their actual names.

You can always change this setting later by clicking on the ellipsis (...) next to the class name at the top of your page and choosing “Edit class” from the drop-down menu. Then scroll down to check or uncheck the same box.

To learn about assigning a video lesson to an open class, check out this article.

To invite students to the class:

    1. Click on the "Invite students” button in the upper right-hand corner of the class page. 
    2. You can either share the class link or class code with your students to have them join. If using the link, students just need to follow the link to join. If using the code, students will visit, click “Open class” at the top of our homepage, and enter that code where prompted.

Students won’t be able to save their sessions, so if they leave your open class and then join again at a later time, they’ll be treated as new students.


Note: In contrast with classic classes, open classes don’t have a “Class Members” tab. This is because each assignment will generate its own list of students as they join your open class.

Open classes don't include the Gradebook feature either, but you will be able to see the progress for each individual assignment!

Here’s a quick video to walk you through the above steps and to help you learn more about using open classes: