How do I record an audio response?

When answering an open-ended question, you may have the opportunity to record an audio response, rather than or in addition to a written response. 

To do this:

    1. Click the microphone icon next to “Answer with audio” beneath the response text box.
      If your browser does not already have permission to use your computer’s microphone, you’ll need to grant it permission at this point. You’ll receive a prompt at the top of your browser if access needs to be granted. Follow the prompt to allow the use of your microphone.
    2. As soon as you click the microphone icon, your recording will begin. 
    3. To stop recording, click the red, blinking box.
    4. You can play back your audio response by clicking the play button to the left of your recording.
    5. If you aren’t happy with your response, click the trashcan icon on the right to delete it and then record a new response by clicking the microphone again.
    6. Once you’re done recording and satisfied with your answer, click “Submit” to move on in the video.

Your teacher will decide whether or not to allow audio responses for each open-ended question. If you feel that responding with audio is a necessary accommodation for you, talk to your teacher about enabling this option.

If you’re not sure if you should submit an audio response, a written response, or both, check with your teacher for instructions!